Global Limited Edition of 150 Luxury Handmade Jewelry Boxes

To celebrate the global popularity of ROYAL QUEEN'S, such a dedicated team of JIM GATES R.H.C. innovated the most unique and precious Limited Edition Jewelry Box. They are keen to achieve an extremely fabulous boutique honored with the most valuable healthy fragrance ever.

Like the spirits of the handmade HERMES bags, only global 500 boxes of QUEEN'S HEALTHY DIAMONDS with limited launch offer make people from all over the world to "Enjoy Easy & Elegant" life without most air threats, including allergens, air pollutants, bacteria, etc. hurting skin as well as the respiratory system.


  • ​MAIN IDEA:Applied with the main idea that any products of JIM GATES R.H.C. are fit to love our earth without any burdens, the composite product design is done through both the jewelry box and the high-end gift.
  • STRUCTURE:18 steps of high gloss wood finishing SOP are used to achieve the jewelry box.
  • CONTENTS:1 bottle of ROYAL QUEEN'S(195ML), 1 bottle of ROYAL QUEEN'S(30ML-limited edition/portable on board /allowed by Airlines), and two accessories.
  • ACCESSORIES:1 Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Austrian Diamond Necklace Set 1 Excellent Queen's Connection Card (limited numbers for every jewelry box & 3 QR-Code patterns for VIP only to scan for more info, including abundant content on Asia Pacific Website, UK Website, and related videos)
  • PRICE: $10,61.00

The Best Gift for Your Babies

Do you have trouble figuring the unique and sweet gift out for your babies? To be sure, QUEEN'S HEALTHY DIAMONDS is your first choice because you totally view your babies as the very important to accept your wonderful love given them not only the healthiest life without the severe air pollution but also the high-end boutique they can collect their favorite jewelry.