When we are touched by the scents of G NO.1 EDP, the legend of G NO.1 EDP constantly goes on its nobility by its connotations of refinement that we find quite meaningful! Right now, let's smile together to feel the love of G NO.1 EDP, including the comedian with funny and versatile talents, worldwide icon, world's best-known figure, complete control over his films, successful investment, and perfectionist through the scents of G NO.1 EDP designed for Charlie Chaplin's portrayal of his brilliant life. Besides, as one of the functional perfumes of GOLDEN SALUTE Family, G NO.1 EDP would like to let us gain the answer about how it can magically last unique scents more than 12 hours with its relatively natural ingredients to achieve the Deluxe Body Perfume.

GOLDEN SALUTE- G No.1 Eau de Parfum


British Deluxe Body Perfume Main Atmosphere: Great British Comedy Master, Chaplin and His Life Portrayal £ 150 1.6 FL. OZ. Floral Woody Amber Fragrance

British Official SDS Certifying Fine-fragrance Ingredients British Official SDS Certifying Body Perfume Certificate Natural Perfume Lasting Scents >12 Hours as Revolutionism



We can feel how meaningful JIM GATES R.H.C. G No.1 it is to become the unique functional perfume when we smell the gorgeous scents that our team of master perfumers would like to present for the great Charlie Chaplin! Everyone should be quite curious about how various notes of a bottle of perfume describe Chaplin! The team of perfumers use the abundant scents and their twists and turns to depict the famous layers of smiles and funny expressions that vividly convert!



Charlie Chaplin’s childhood in London was only described as poverty and hardship. He was place in a workhouse twice before the age of nine and attended a poor school in Central London. Chaplin remembered this as “a lonely life.” In addition, he worked as a newsboy, a grocery store boy, a toy vendor, a doctor’s servant, a glass blower, and a sweeper at an amusement park. In January1894, at the age of five, Chaplin made his stage debut as a tot in Music Hall, standing in for his mother. His first official job was playing the role of newsboy Billy in “Sherlock Holmes” from 1903 to 1906. Thereafter he worked in a circus troupe, and the following year in 1907 he became a clown in Fred Karno’s “Fun Factory’s” slapstick comedy company.The first few seconds of G No.1 exudes the aroma of bergamot, lemon, ginger, and pink pepper, which depicts Chaplin’s feelings of loneliness and resignation!

According to U.S. immigration records, Charlie Chaplin entered the United States on October 2, 1912, with the Carno Troupe. From 1914 to 1923, he shot a large number of short films and became a world-famous comedian with his superb mime skills and perfect screen image. In fact, he can be said to be the first world comedy star. The multi-talented Chaplin co-founded distribution company United Artists, which gave him complete control over his films. The heart and base notes of G No.1 include resolute aroma like oud wood, sandalwood, masculine scent, leather, cinnamon and musk, which lively have a multi-layered dialogue with jasmine, ylang, lily, vanilla, cardamom, and lavender, depicting the great achievement of the mid-late period in a comic way!

Charlie Chaplin was particularly successful and active in the early and middle years of Hollywood cinema. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd are often referred to as “the three masters of silent comedy.” Chaplin donned his derby hat, affixed his toothbrush moustache, and carried a cane, which has been imitated by many artists for his performance style in the future.



“City Lights” (1931)

"City Lights" is one of Chaplin's most famous silent films. It is also recognized by many as his best and most classic work that blends comedy and emotion. The story of this work is about a homeless man who falls in love with a blind girl selling flowers, allowing everyone to feel the warm and bitter side of this homeless man: he worked hard to raise medical expanses for her while facing the trials and tortures of real life. Chaplin’s self-written, self-directed, and self-acted film outlines the bitter life of a nobody in society but the simplest warmth in his heart. He mainly presented the life of this tramp to criticize those people in society who had wealth but were selfish then! The premiere at the Los Angeles Theater on January 30, 1931, was superbly presented, which was accompanied by his guests of honor: Albert Einstein and his wife were still a German citizen then, had been traveling in the USA. Finally, the audience unanimously rose to its feet in a standing ovation. For the great ending of the film, the film critic James Agee praised it as the greatest performances in the film history. The heart-warming quality of the homeless man is also an important part of the close-up through the heart notes and base notes of G No.1!

“Modern Times” (1936)

Chaplin gave the best interpretation of the style of laughing with tears in "Modern Times" which was later regarded as one of the best films in the history of American film. “Modern Times” which was a social comedy film directed and written by Chaplin was set during the Great Depression and Chaplin played a luckless factory worker who found himself so unnerved while trying to cope with the modern equipment he must operate that he tended to suffer a breakdown! In addition, Tramp, Chaplin’s role of the film and Allen, the heroine are in love. After being rounded up by the police several times, their unfortunate story showed us via the scene of the film: When the police arrived to arrest Allen, the two are forced to run away again. Ellen once despaired that their struggles were pointless, but Tramp reassured her! At dawn, they were on the road to an uncertain but hopeful future. This film cleverly satirized and criticized capitalism through the social problems at that time and that caused the confrontation between the labor and capital classes with the rise of industrial capitalism.



During Chaplin’s lifetime, he didn’t receive any Oscar Awards but he won three honorary awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. One was for writing, directing, producing, and acting for the Circus(1928), another he won was for his overall achievements in cinema after nearly twenty years when he returned to the United States in 1972, the other was the Academy Award for Best Music Chaplin's score for the Limelight(1952) received the following year.On March 9, 1975, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Chaplin the KBE(Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire) at age 85.

Brand Statement: We create the gorgeous G No.1 Eau de Parfum in memory of Chaplin's contribution to the world. This perfume is of great significance not only because JIM GATES R.H.C. is a British brand, but because Chaplin is a British well-known celebrity and he is a big master who makes the British people feel glorious and outstanding! To let everyone feel the charm of every expression of the King of Comedy and his great achievements, we cannot recreate another Chaplin and it is meaningless! Therefore, we solemnly declare that all the pictures we quote belong to the copyright owner and Master Chaplin! JIM GATES R.H.C is only for quotation, and we express deepest gratitude for this kindness and consideration!